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Regulatory compliance is a vast subject, full of different rules and regulations all hotel owners must not only understand, but comply with. Failure to do this can not only result in huge fines, but in some cases, even imprisonment. Hospitality compliance is the process of ensuring your company’s management and employees follow the laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to the international hotel and travel industry and your company. Effective compliance covers governmental laws as well as internal policies.

As such, at its most basic form, hospitality compliance was born out of a need to meet the standards of local laws, and in this particular industry, the following areas are to consider:

  • The work environment deals with the employer/employee relationship, and the rights of the employee.

  • The food and beverages regulations are for the protection of consumers.

  • Data privacy and data protection regulations are for the protection of guests, as well hotel owners (GDPR, PCI, etc. )

  • Quality management for ongoing customer satisfaction and consistent service delivery, specifically in companies providing hospitality services.

Using external compliance professionals to work with you on getting your hotel, restaurant or travel business compliant with local regulations, not only saves you time and resources, but also allows you to be on top of all requirements on a permanent basis. ​